Impact of back pain

228K work related back disorders for 2013/14 (HSE)

12.3 days average lost to each person suffering back pain in the last 12 months (HSE)

35-44 age group the highest risk (HSE)

While nearly 50% of cases are heavy lifting related, keyboard work is significant at 14% (THOR-GP)


Back Care Programme

The consequence of of 80% of adults experiencing back pain in their life has major implications of organisations through absence, lost opportunities and delays to projects.

There are many work practices that can cause back pain, including manual handling, sedentary working and computer use. While lower back pain is common, many workers through incorrect workstation set up and poor posture are experiencing upper back, shoulder and neck pain. The use of laptops, mobile devices and long periods driving can make remote, home and mobile workers particularly vulnerable to back pain.

The back care programme, will be invaluable to support the employer's legal responsibility protect the employee relating to musculoskeletal disorders.

An integrated Solution

At Flix Workplace Wellbeing, we can provide an integrated solution that includes; massage therapy, workshops and postural assessments that are specific to your organisation.


Practical workshops will arm staff with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves from developing back pain and learn about its causes. Prevention, taking responsibility and recognising the causes are key messages of the workshops.

Postural assessments

Postural assessments will identify musculoskeletal problems that lead to back problems. These assessments will identify the cause for both potential and current issues. With regular assessments, progress can be monitored and remedial action can taken to resolve developing back problems.


Massage treatments when used in combination with our workshops and postural assessments will treat existing and help prevent future back problems in addition to reducing the symtoms of stress.

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